Compliance Management

  • Since the establishment of Chengdu Research Institute in October 2018, the institute has applied for 287 patents, 145 of which have been authorized. (Statistics in March 2023)

    We will continue to develop around the curved mobile phone glass cover art, ultra-thin glass thinning and coating technology R&D, Hinge product development, lithium battery cell anode material development, quantum dots development and application. At the same time, we will improve the core technical capabilities of enterprises and comprehensively build the protection system of intellectual property rights, to create a brand of TOMI with unlimited added value.
  • Patent name: a liquid crystal display structure. Patent

    No.: 2018222277674
  • Patent name: a light guide plate structure. Patent

    No.: 2019201210221
  • Patent name: a preparation method of metal polymer multilayer composite film. Patent

    No.: 201910113393x
  • Patent name: a quantum dot composite light guide plate and backlight module. Patent

    No.: 2019202910029
  • Patent name: a quantum dot composite light guide plate and backlight module. Patent

    No.: 2019202909604
  • Patent name: a leek planting device. Patent

    No.: 20192052929595
  • Patent name: a folding hinge mechanism for display equipment. Patent

    No.: 2019205813139
  • Patent name: a folding hinge mechanism with good supporting effect. Patent

    No.: 2019205810662
  • Patent name: a fresh-keeping system for fresh cut-vegetables. Patent

    No.: 2019208495509
  • Patent name: a composite optical film, backlight device and display device. Patent

    No.: 2019208738981
  • Patent name: a mobile terminal with dual screen display and auxiliary touch. Patent

    No.: 2019209195728
  • Patent name: a polishing brush for glass polishing. Patent

    No.: 2019209139465
  • Patent name: a non overlapping hinge mechanism for folding screen. Patent

    No.: 2019209579037
  • Patent name: a 3D glass and its production method. Patent

    No.: 2019105855210
  • Patent name: 3D glass manufacturing system and 3D glass. Patent

    No.: 2019212299775
  • Patent name: a grid masking spray fixture patent

    No.: 2019214588642
  • Patent name: hot bending equipment. Patent

    No.: 2019215288132
  • Patent name: mold (reversible). Patent

    No.: 2019305033895
  • Patent name: polishing equipment. Patent

    No.: 2019215270942
  • Patent name: fixture for glass polishing machine. Patent

    No.: 2019305037608
  • Patent name: film equipment. Patent

    No.: 2019215276116
  • Patent name: U-shaped glass fixture holder for intelligent equipment. Patent

    No.: 2019215270745
  • Patent name: a double axis in-folding hinge structure that can maintain any angle. Patent

    No.: 2019218874499
  • Patent name: a symmetrical double axis internal folding hinge structure suitable for display equipment. Patent

    No.: 2019218879721
  • Patent name: free-stop hinge structure of folding display device and folding display device. Patent

    No.: 2019222423904