QD quantum dots

Synthetic technology advantages of TOMI QD: Have a professional R&D team: quickly optimize the synthesis formula according to customers’ needs; High quantum efficiency: QY of Cd-based quantum dots > 95%, Cd-free green quantum dots > 90%
Low cost: low-cost quantum dot synthetic technology; Short time-consuming: Adopt "one-step method" to quickly synthesize; Independent intellectual property rights: More than ten patents have been applied for; and there is a non-infringement certificate from a third-party independent organization .(See patent disclosure for details)

Quantum dot ultrathin light guide plate

TOMI quantum dot ultra-thin light guide plate has the advantage of 3-in-1 structure: ultra-thin < 500μ; The distance between the LED and LGP 0 significantly increases the brightness of the LED; Using TOMI to synthesize quantum dots, the color gamut NTSC is increased by 20%.