Composite AGV robot

Strong industry targeting: This model is compound AGV robot which is specially developed by TOMI for the mobile transferring of cover glass . it is invented first in the industry. Compared with other composite robots on the market, it has a large load (20kg), a long stroke (horizontal 781mm, vertical 1000mm), high flexibility, and high work speed
Wide application field: Widely used in glass cover products CNC, hot bending, polishing and other,industrial logistics handling, can also be used for logistics handling automation of wafer and other piece and box products.
Cost-effective: This model is specially designed for the rapid handling of piece and box products, and the price is leading 20%~25% compared with the traditional cooperative compound AGV robot in the domestic market

4axis SCARA

Minimum cycle time: lightweight design, lightweight fit, designed for extremely high speed with extreme precision and reliability
Saving space integration: drive control integrated control, extremely small occupation of space and flexible installation mode, easy to integrate equipment, and extremely high adaptability
Larger load applied: The stiffness is 2 to 3 times of foreign EPSON, higher load,higher torque, and shorter working time than peer competitors under same load. High cost performance: The performance of the same price is 10 to 15% better than that of the leading brand of the national Scara, and has equal competitiveness as EPSON/YAMAHA
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