Technical advantages of TOMI

Provide one-stop service of program design, simulation verification, prototype finishing, precision mold processing, MIM manufacturing, testing and inspection,and assembling
Accumulate rich project experience, has maintained more than 50 models of in-fold / external / multi-fold / reel scheme covering mobile phone and laptop size, and can be adapted to flexible screen
The powerful database of design modules greatly shortens the R&D cycle and is protected by intellectual property rights
MIM parts processing capacity can reach 10 million pieces / month, product accuracy can reach more than 0.02; MIM feeding can reach 20 tons / month
Material applications: low alloy steel, magnetic materials, expansion alloys, nickel/cobalt-based alloys, high-speed steel,tungsten alloys, titanium alloys, etc
There are 2 hinge assembling production lines,and the assembling capacity reaches 100k/M

TOMI hinge advantages

Patent advantages: 37 patents have been applied for at present, and the patent office has accepted 33 patents, of which 14 patents have been granted(See patent disclosure for details)
Hinge lightweight R&D:R&D of lightweight raw materials;R&D on weight reduction of product structure
Hinge manufacturing experience and quality control
From its establishment in 2018 to the present,a total of 31 different models of hinges have been designed; Hundreds of hinge samples were processed; At present,the batch of molded products is 500+ sets, and our hinge samples are sent to a number of customers, which have been well received by customers, and the composite application of MIM + liquid metal + carbon fiber and other materials is applied Hinge lightweight R&D:R&D of lightweight raw materials;R&D on weigh