3D glass cover

3D glass covers are used in smartphones. The project has invested and established a large line with a production capacity of 800K tablets/month in 2021.
TOMI has established the first automated mass production line of the whole process of glass cover plate in China, which has greatly improved the yield and significantly reduced the cost

Automated production lines

Adopt MES full order execution management system, integrate the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing information technology,and fully realize the interconnection of equipment and equipment,the interconnection of equipment and materials, and the interconnection of equipment and people; It is an advanced manufacturing system with functions such as information depth self-perception, intelligent optimization and self-decision-making, and precise control and self-execution.
While we focus on cost, we also focus on improving the intelligence, agility and scalability of operations, and improving core performance in order to adapt to the rapidly changing market, improve the rapid adaptability of the factory to different products.