Advantages of the TUTG coating process

Exclusive patent: unique edge treatment technology, whole surface coating + edge treatment technology,to ensure that the coating area is uniform, obtained the authorized patent CN111393035A
Automated production: automatic coating, automatic cleaning,fully automatic unmanned factory
Cost advantage: self-dispensing potion, a version of multiple tablets easy to fit, easy to separate; Repeatable, low cost,low energy consumption
Patent structure: peculiar patented three-layer structure,flexible and diverse lamination design
Structural advantages: Reinforcing properties of the coated surface. Realize inorganic-organic combination and impact resistance,wear resistance characteristics
Coating layer cover edge: reduce edge micro-crack failure and enhance edge impact resistance

TUTG coated products

TC-200,TX-200,TX-300 series products, to meet different functional requirements
Uniformity: Coating thickness uniformity ≤5%
Transmittance: ≥92%
Boiled 100 g: 5B
Dynamic bending: R1.5 200K
The large line with a monthly output of 500
000 pieces has been put into trial operation in May 2022