Chengdu TOMI Smart System Technology Co., Ltd.

 Chengdu TOMI Smart System Technology Co., Ltd. as a manufacturing enterprise of electronic components and intelligent equipment under the TOMI Group, The company's main business scope is laser equipment, precision slit coating equipment, automation equipment, industrial robot production and manufacturing, machine vision inspection 3. Digital twins, smart factories, smart logistics and other integrated software and hardware solutions which aims at high value-added the industry such as pan-semiconductor, equipment manufacturing and other industry, and relies on the industrial interconnection network. We gather the Chinese and Korean senior experts in the field of significant intelligent equipment of the industry, senior software development team and the AI Algorithm R&D team to form our R&D force. TOMI fully matches local technological development with production and manufacturing and provides customers with professional synthesis Intelligent, digital solutions.

Address:No. 618, Junyue Road, East Industrial Zone, Xindu District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China