TOMI compliance

 In 2012, TOMI has been introduced into the ISO9001 quality management system and the ISO14001 environmental management system. In the continuous development of the enterprise, we comply with relevant laws and regulations and operate in accordance with regulations. Strengthen the identification of enterprises, reduce and prevent the factors affecting the control environment, enable the effective use of energy, the rational use of raw materials, and the appropriate control of disposal of waste products. Compliance management is a core content of risk management and a cornerstone of internal control. In the construction of internal control management system and business process design. TOMI strengthen the compliance management system considering the company's business scale, organizational structure, development stage and costs and benefits.. Through the perfect internal control management system and implementation mechanism, the compliance management system covers the overall business scope of the company and improves the compliance management effectiveness. TOMI established the Internal Audit and Compliance Department in February 2020, which is responsible for supervising and evaluating the establishment and implementation of the company's internal control mechanism and internal control system, supervising and inspecting its employees compliance of operating management and occupational behavior. The Internal Audit and Compliance Department advocates and promotes the ethical behavior of sincerity and integrity, and improves the employees’ awareness of sincerity and compliance, which forms a good culture of compliance.

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