Display Materials Trade

As an integrator of the upstream industrial chain of flat display materials, TOMI is the peacemaker of the industry in this field, has a good cooperation relationship with Chinese customers and overseas suppliers, and provides important production materials for domestic customers for a long time

In the new product development and promotion stage, TOMI provides suppliers with accurate market demand analysis, reduces the risk of dull sales, and greatly improves the success rate of investment. According to the technical needs of customers, TOMI recommends the most appropriate materials for them and assists customers in continuously testing and improving yields of the product until mass production is successful.

In the actual operation of the new production line, in order to make the equipment run better, the TOMI team immersed itself in the scene, conducted in-depth analysis, and finally improved the efficient control of the new equipment through the recommendation, testing, introduction of matching materials, and the education and guidance of on-site operators.

The solutions provided by the TOMI include the promotion of new products, pre-sales consultation and after-sales service, product improvement, etc.,  assist customers in the changing and complex market environment.