Hiring Process

  • Submit your resume

    Send an email to hr@tomi-ttri.com and apply for a position
  • Interview

    After receiving the interview, please follow the notification requirements and attend the interview on time with relevant materials.
  • Re-examination

    After receiving the notice of re-examination, please attend the interview on time with relevant materials in accordance with the notification requirements.
  • OFFER Agreement

    Congratulations! After passing all selection, you finally stand out, and now as long as you sign the employment agreement, you will officially become a member of TOMI.
  • Entry

    Please now prepare the relevant materials according to the written requirements of the offer and arrive at the post on time.

Job Positions (to be continued)


    We’re committed to providing an open platform, where each intelligent idea can be recognized and each talented individual respected. There, you’ll be supposed to grow up with challenging work and our reliable guidance and think independently, deliver and exchange your own ideas. At the same time, we provide timely guidance to enable employees to grow in the practice of completing tasks.
    • Address
      Wende Western Road, Pidu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province Room 1710, South Tower, Fortune 108 Plaza, No. 1839 Qisong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
    • Tel
      028-6390010 028-6742-8848 21-50101850-122/104
    • Email
      ttri-hr@tomi-group.com tsdo-hr@tomi-group.com hr@tomi-ttri.com hr@tomi-em.com

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